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How to drive traffic to your blog

Do you want to quit blogging, why? Because giving so much time and effort, you still don’t get reasonable traffic to your blog, well my answer is wait ! because doing just hard work it is not enough, a very good English quotation, "Don’t Work Hard Work Smart".  First of all you need to know what actually you are doing and what actually you need to do. I am giving you some good tips to get traffic to your  blog.

1.  Why should anyone pay visit to you.

how to drive traffic to your blog

This is one of the most important question you should ask to your self before thinking to drive traffic ,its just simple people need reason to visit you site, why they should if you don’t have anything interesting, entertaining and informative, about what people are looking for , yes I am talking about content, as content is the king, don’t try to avoid him (or your site will be isolated) .

Always try to write quality content take your time do some research and  at least judge your writing skill whether you are able to write quality content for the niche of you blog, or you are just copying and stuffing your blog with keywords only. People as well as Google hate these patterns, as first impression is the last, if visitor do not find your blog worthy of visit he/she will bounce back from your site so try to do research about the content you are going to write and express everything in your own wordings what you have understand through your research. If your site has bad user experience then you deserve to be kicked out from search engine queries, and result in zero traffic. So always write a quality contents and try to solve the problem and meet the requirement of what the visitor are looking. Think from the users perspectives, because Google rewards those who satisfy its users,

2.    Try to build a good neighborhood.

how to drive traffic to your blog


"A Person is known by the company he keep and the website is known by the backlinks it keeps" In our daily life, we always wants to talk to such people, about whom we are sure that they will solve our problem, or we looking to build relation with the people who have good personal relations having high rank, reputation. Same is the case with search engine, what search engines actually do, they filters the list of webpages and show the most appropriate, relevant  and most quality webpages to the user for the answers they are looking for. So try to build a good relations, when your site have a good quality content, high ranked site owner give you permission to link your site to them, so don’t waste your time to  build just quantity of backlinks, struggle for quality backlinks because 1 quality backlink from high ranked and authority site is worth 100 backlinks from low ranked and low quality remember quality is much important then quantity.

Social Media:

how to drive traffic to your blog

Use most popular and top  social media sites for your seo strategy like FacebookTwitterPinterestRedditTumblr, Youtube, Stumbleupon  and similar other Social bookmarking sites, make your account on each of the these social media sites and try to post at least one quality article to build your reputation with these marketing and social giants every day. because they not only provide quality backlinks but also drive massive traffic to you blog.

Blog Commenting:

how to drive traffic to your blog

Blog commenting is also a very good technique for building backlinks, find out the blog related to the topic and niche of your website and try to read their posts and give them a good feedback by writing good comments for their work and efforts, when you do this on regular basis, this develops relationship between you, the site owner and the readers as well and they will know about your blog and will be looking to get more information about the topic they are looking for by following your links. When doing this I have to be very clear, do not cheat or spam them use natural way .

3.Yahoo answers:

how to drive traffic to your blog

Yahoo answers is also one of the major source for linking your site and building backlink although they are No-follow but Google give respect and still count on those backlinks, as you are directly engaging with the community of millions of people seeking for solution of their problems, this will build the authority of your profile and your site links as well and gives you more exposure, if you are providing answers related to your contents. But again don’t try to cheat them by just posting your links to because if you do your account will be banned. so be patient and build reputation naturally i.e "slow and steady win the race"

4.    Video Marketing:

how to drive traffic to your blog


"A video is worth then thousand words" Why Video Marketing is important? Because it improve user engagement, Brand awareness and finally search engine optimization, with building your presence on video streaming site like YouTube which have nearly 1 billion users and have 4 billion video views per day, why don’t you get your share by creating rich snippet video.

 It is proved through surveys that posts having video get more views then post without video. You have more chances of like and post share if your site have quality and relevant video contents in it. So design you video strategy for specific set of users and catch their attention by providing them more relevant video information about your site contents.

So how can you do this? the most simplest way to convert your article is to make PowerPoint presentation of the contents of your article, and afterwards you can add further videos and voice to each of your slide and then record the screen by using any of the screen recording software, you can now upload this video presentation to any video steaming site, as video marketing is the mixture of text, audio and video it will get more traffic to your site then just simple a text article.


Driving traffic toward your site and ranking high in search engines is slow and time consuming task, and it includes majority of other aspect which I will discuss later. So never give up and always try to pile up new techniques and strategies. 

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