Thursday, 25 December 2014

AVG PC TuneUp 2014 Download Full Patch Free

avg pc tuneup 2014

AVG PC Tuneup is the tool to get maximum out of your PC.
It is not meant for cleaning virus, rather to solve registry issues, junk files, performance issues and other PC problems,that may slow down your. AVG PC tuneup have the main tool Registry scan, which find out errors in registry deeply. This software  includes a set of Advanced Tools, among which you’ll find utilities to cleanup the hard drive, find duplicate files, obtain information about installed hardware and software, erase history and wipe data securely. Bear in mind though that not all of these tools are available in the trial version.
AVG PC Tuneup is a complete tool you need to take care of your pc.

 avg pc tuneup 2014 full patch free

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Professional Download free

Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 (VS08) is that the current incarnation of the company’s long line of day. it is the premier IDE for developing applications with the Microsoft .Net Framework and, at least, a contestant for the most effective Windows-hosted C/C++ IDE. Of course, Visual Studio 2008 is not restricted to developing desktop applications; it's additionally sensible for developing internet, SOA, and device applications. This unharness introduces support for .Net Framework three.5, and it supports alternative versions of the .Net Framework in addition. It additionally introduces Language-Integrated question, a generic thanks to question every kind of information in C# and Visual Basic, and full support for Windows prospect, Silverlight, and Windows Presentation Foundation.

Direct Download Link
                              visual studio 2008

Torrent File Download
    visual studio 2008 torrent file

Friday, 12 December 2014

Nero CD Burner software (Burn your music easily)

Everything you need to burn.

Nero Burning Software offers everything you need to burn ISO files, as well as copy CD, DVD or Blu-ray knowledge. 

Nero Burning ROM is the CD, DVD & Blu-Ray burning application for the most demanding of users, with its plenty of advanced configuration options. 

Nero Burning ROM includes support for Secure Disc expertise which can password-protect your discs & read CDs in the event of excessive wear or scratches.

It can also erase rewriteable discs, rip your audio CDs, save ISO images, & split huge files in to several fragments to be stored on multiple disks. In addition, it supports over burning, & the writing speed is basically configurable. 

In the field of burning, Nero Burning ROM is the most comprehensive program you can find. The recording quality is impeccable, as well as the stability of the program. In case you require to opt in lieu for a free alternative, check out the excellent CDBurnerXP.

Less experienced users may initially find the program interface difficult to make use of due to the huge number of advanced options. The design could be improved, but it is not a key factor for this type of application.

Nero Burning ROM supports the following formats


 nero cd burner

Universal Document Converter (Complete solution for converting documents)


Universal Document Converter is the most complete solution for converting documents into PDF, JPEG, TIFF or other graphic files. The underlying basis of the program is the technology of virtual printing. As a result, exporting documents into a chosen format is no more complicated than printing them on a desktop printer.

 universal document converter

Monday, 8 December 2014

Lock My PC + Patch (Professional PC locker)

lock my pc

WebSite Link
Lock My PC
price: US$39.95

What's new in Lock My PC


+ Added feature 
* Improved/changed feature 
- Bug fixed (we hope) 

Version 4.9

+ Lock autoplay added
* Shutdown button in XP startup lock shuts down the computer in a second.
* Improved Windows 7 compatibility.
- Fixed bug with "orphan" task button.
- Other minor bugs fixed.

Version 4.8

+ Support of alternative authentication packages.
+ Option to log unlock attempts.
+ Alternative keyboard lock (for VNC or terminal services).
+ Additional command line parameters.
+ Option to minimize top-most windows when locked.
* Hide Lock My PC process removed due to compatibility with different antiviruses.
- Fixed user password reset problem when user name matches computer name.
- On some Windows XP systems Shutdown button at startup lock may work incorrectly. Fixed
- High CPU load on lock screen. Fixed.
- User cannot change their settings might work incorrectly. Fixed.
- Other minor bugs fixed.

Version 4.7

- Fixed a security flaw that allowed to unblock USB keyboard at startup lock
- Fixed a lot of minor bugs

Version 4.6

- Fixed bug with incorrect startup lock on Windows XP
- Fixed bug which didn't allow to change the password on Windows Vista

Version 4.5
+ New option "Lock computer after system Stands By/Hibernates" added
* Improved Windows Vista and Vista x64 compatibility
- Minor bugs fixed.

Version 4.4

* Improved idle detection method (no keyboard hooks anymore).
* Improved screen lock to avoid conflicts with some popup windows.
- Fixed compatibility issues with WhiteCanyon software products.
- Minor bugs fixed.

Version 4.3

+ Windows Vista compatibility

Version 4.2

+ New options (power off when computer is idle) added
- Minor bugs fixed

Version 4.1

+ Added Windows domain authentication
- Incomplete unlock issue fixed
- Some antispyware programs mistakenly recognized Lock My PC as malware! Fixed

Version 4.0

+ Now Lock My PC can be installed in single-user or in multi-user mode
+ You can safely lock your computer at startup before the logon screen and even in safe mode!
+ Password hint added
* Password logic was changed
* Administrative area options are moved to the program settings and available only for Lock My PC administrator
* Lock My PC options are rearranged
- Windows 9x support is discontinued

Version 3.6

+ Blind password option added
* Transparent lock screen works better then before
* Administrative area can be opened from Lock My PC tray menu
* Improved interaction between Lock My PC and a screen saver
- Minor bugs fixed

Version 3.5.6

+ Windows XP x64 support

Version 3.5

+ Automatic and manual update search features added
+ Bug reporting feature added 
+ New options added (Updates, Lock Screen image effects)
- Some minor bugs fixed

Version 3.4
- A lot of minor bugs fixed

Version 3.3

- Minor bugs fixed
+ Image cycling feature added (see Image Sequence List topic in Help)

Version 3.2.1

- Minor bugs fixed

Version 3.2

+ Now it is possible to switch between input languages when entering unlock password
* Improved locking mechanism
- Fixed some bugs in multimonitor support
- Fixed autostart problem on Windows 98, ME

Version 3.1
+ Added an option that prevents the computer from being run in Safe Mode (Windows 98/ME)
* Improved user interface
- Minor bugs fixed

Version 3.0
+ New improved user interface
+ Lock CD-doors command added
+ Lock CD-Rom drives when computer is locked option added
+ New command line parameters added (See lockpc.exe /? for details)
* Imporved locking behavior
- Some minor bugs fixed

Version 2.4

+ "Lock Now" command line option added. Usage: lockpc.exe /lock
+ New Administrative Area options added
* Some bugs in multimonitor support fixed

Version 2.3

+ Lock sceen trasparency options added
+ Support of animated GIF images in lock screen added

Version 2.2

+ Lock My PC can automatically locks computer when it is idle
* Rewrote Win2K/WinXP keyboard lock engine from scratch
* Compatibility with hibernate and sleep functions on Windows 2000/XP
- Some minor bugs fixed

Version 2.1

+ Enter Settings by password option added
- Some minor bugs fixed.

Version 2.0

 + Windows 2000 and XP support (we are using own lock engine) 
 + Administartive area added (See Help for details)
 + Multiuser support
 + Multimonitor support
 + If a screen locked at the startup Shutdown button is available
 - Fixed a bug with incorrect lock screen behaviour when on-top window popups

Version 1.5 

 + Setup supply 4 lock screen logos.
 * Lock screens can be in JPEG or GIF format as well as in BMP format.

Version 1.4 

 + Lock screen options added.

Version 1.3 

 - Very serious bug fixed. In some cases Lock My PC couldn't unlock computer.

Version 1.27

 - Some minor bugs fixed.

Version 1.25

 + Unlock dialog disapears after some time period if you don't enter the password.
 - Some internal bugs fixed.

Version 1.2

 + Lock computer at startup option added.

Version 1.1

 * Some interface improvement.
 - Minor bugs fixed 

Version 1.0 

The first public release.

 PC locker

Also Available Port Locker (Data theft is no longer a threat)

Actual Window Manager + Keygen (50 handy tools to help you in daily routine window manipulations.)

actual window manager

WebSite Link

Actual Window Manager
price: US$49.95

Actual Window Manager is an innovative desktop organization application which introduces unconventional window controls and     also automatic general window operations making your work more productive, convenient and enjoyable. It has more than 50 handy tools to help you in daily routine window manipulations.           
Like a well-trained assistant, accurate and unobtrusive, being instructed once Actual Window Manager will do all the required  actions for you automatically all the time you are having it running in background:                                             
    - placing windows exactly to the required place                    
    - sizing them exactly as they should be                            
    - keeping the important windows always-on-top of others            
    - minimizing (either normally, or to the tray/screen), or rolling  
      up, or making semi-transparent, or closing the inactive          
      windows, so removing them from your way                          
    - and many others

How to install and use

     1. Install aimsetup.exe
     2. First, you have to launch the programm, once a time!
     3. Then, use this keygen to activate the software.
     4. Have fun ;)

 window management tool

Also Available Windows 7 Manager (All-in-one maintenance tool)

Flash Back screen recorder (Professional Screen Recorder Software)

flash back screen recorder

WebSite Link

BB FlashBack Pro
price: US$199


Professional Screen Recorder Software. BB Flash Back screen recorder makes it easy to create professional quality tutorials, presentations and software demos.          
Easy to use -No technical skills required.Powerful feature set lets you create 'pro' quality movies.Flexible and Simple publishing via YouTube and common video formats.          

How to install and use 

     1. Install bbflbk3.exe
     2. First, you have to launch the programm, once a time!
     3. Then, use this keygen to activate the software. Please, note that the computed serial              must not be entered in the Unlock Code box of the program !
     4. Have fun ;)    

screen recorder software

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Best Websites for free software download



Surely is the best of all software download websites. it  is one of the
 oldest which have nearly 100,000 freeware, shareware, and try-first downloads softwares.


Filehippo dot com
Yes FileHippo is another freeware download website. It offers freeware as well
as shareware.

3) ZDNet Download

ZDNet Downloads
ZDNet’s Software Directory is the Web’s largest library of software downloads. 


Softpedia Downloads
Softpedia is a Romanian website that indexes information and provides downloads
for software. The site also indexes major technology, science, health, and entertainment news.


Twcows dot com
Tucows  is also has a popular website directory of shareware, freeware, and demo  software
 packages available to download.


FreewareFiles dot com
FreewareFiles, as the name indicates a website dedicated to Freeware software and
 have a number of Open Sources programs listed.


MajorGeeks dot com
MajorGeeks is here to help you get the most out of your computer mainly by offering
tools to the beginner or advanced user. 


SnapFiles dot com
SnapFiles is another veteran download website. Established in 1997 it has a huge
software collection and was previously known as WebAttack, 


FileCluster dot com
FileCluster is one of the newer download websites. It’s established in 2006 and has
since provided visitors with the latest and updated software. 


Geardownload dot com
GearDownload is another new site on the block with a decent software collection.
They might not be the biggest website in this niche, but have carved out
a name for themselves because of regular updates.


Soft32 dot com
Soft32 was established in 2003 and since has updated its software directory regularly. 


Softonic dot com
Softonic was established in 1997 and is Europe’s leading software download site
with more than 105,000 freeware, shareware and trial version softwares.


Freewarehome dot com
Freewarehome is a download site dedicated to freeware downloads only. No Shareware programs are listed. It has an old school design with navigation menu in the left frame and the details in the right frame.


Freedownloadcenter dot com
Freedownloadcenter was established in 2001 and is another site with an old school design.
 It has over 30000 software titles to download. 


OpenSourceMac dot com
Open Source Mac is a simple list of the best free and open source software for Mac OS X. 

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Typing Master Pro v7.0 Software + Serial...

TypingMaster Pro for Windows is a personal typing tutor for learning professional touch typing skills. You will learn to type up to 4 times faster without errors and save dozens of valuable working hours every year. The new improved typing skills will help you get things done quicker.

TypingMaster's extensive, clearly structured study material covers the basics of touch typing, the numeric keypad, special marks and tips on ergonomics. Learning is supported by multi-form exercises, including graphical keyboard drills, timed texts, games and personalized review exercises.

Also available Letter Chase Typing Tutor

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

PowerISO v4.7 + Serials FREE DOWNLOAD

PowerISO is a powerful CD/DVD image file processing tool, which allows you to open, extract, create, edit, compress, encrypt, split and convert ISO files, and mount these files with the internal virtual drive.

 power ISO

Also available AnyToISO Converter

Monday, 3 June 2013



 PDF stands for moveable Document Format and it absolutely was created by Adobe to ease document exchange. doPDF may be a free PDF creator that will what the name suggests, creates PDF files. Once put in it'll permit you to convert any style of printable documents to PDF files. doPDF7.3 installs itself as a virtual PDF printer driver thus once a palmy installation can seem in your Printers and Faxes list and additionally within the list of All Programs. mistreatment doPDF you\'ll be able to convert to PDF in 2 ways:

Print to PDF via the virtual printer driver doPDF. you'd try this precisely as you print to an everyday printer, simply the result are going to be a PDF file, not a written piece of paper.

Using the doPDF Startup window. doPDF has Associate in Nursing practicable file (accessible from the beginning program group) that you just will run so as to start out a conversion wizard.

Print to PDF via the virtual PDF printer, doPDF

Open the document you would like to convert (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, WordPad, pad of paper or any printable document), select Print and choose doPDF from the list of printers. you'll be asked wherever to avoid wasting the PDF file and once finished, the PDF are going to be mechanically opened along with your default PDF reader. Screenshot below shows however  straightforward it's to make a PDF file from Microsoft Word:

 do pdf creator

Friday, 31 May 2013



Cool PDF Reader is that the smallest PDF viewer/reader to look at and print PDF files, and convert PDFs to TXT, BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, WMF, EMF, EPS. it's solely 655KB to transfer and does not want drawn-out installation, simply transfer and run.


View and Print PDF 
Extract PDF to TXT 
Support PDF files of all versions 
Work with 68+ totally different languages 
Zoom in and zoom out
Rotate page displays 
Slide show PDF document with full screen 
Small in size, only 655KB

 cool pdf reader

Also available Nitro PDF Reader 3.5

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Fresh Windows 7 Themes _ Latest 80 Windows 7 Themes Free Download


Windows themes work only in Windows 7Windows 8, and Windows RT. If your PC runs Windows XP or Vista, you can still choose from hundreds of desktop backgrounds. Or move up to the best of Windows and personalize your PC in new ways.

 windows 7 themes


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