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Avast Antivirus Pro 5.0 Final + Licence FREE DOWNLOAD

avast antivirus

Avast  is an antivirus program. It is used to protect computers from any type of virus. It is available for Microsoft windows, Mac, Android and Linux. It was made in 1991. It is available for personal and commercial use. It uses many layers of protection. It provides protection against spyware, Trojans, and rootkits. It maintains the security of a computer. It is among the best antivirus program in the world. It keeps computer clean when a virus come in computer. More than 219 million people avast. It includes a SafeZone browser used to browse internet safely. No one can hack your computer easily if you are using it. This is a little bit expensive.


1.It is easy to download.
2.It is easy to install.
3.It gives real time protection.
4.Avast 2014 Serial Key is easy to use.
5.It provides protection against hackers.
6.It is a powerful antivirus.
7.You can update your antivirus every 5-10 minutes.
8.It detect virus at any place in computers.
9.It cleans the computer completely.
10.It is the most trusted antivirus in the world.
11.You can use a virtual window in it.
12.It keeps you banking safe.
13.It keeps your online shopping safe.
14.It is updated every time.
15.Hackers cannot hack your computer easily with it.
16.It is an intelligent antivirus.
17.It blocks all viruses containing websites.
18.It blocks all the spam emails.
19.It protects your data.
20.You can access your computer over the internet anywhere in the world.

System requirements:

You need to have Windows Xp, Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1.
Pentium iii and IV processor.
You need 128 MB RAM.
You need 750 MB free space in hard

 avast antivirus

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