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Link Auditor v4.28 
SSW Link Auditor - Tool to Automate Link Validation
price: US$390.16

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Are you finding it impossible to manage links on your ever growing website? A common problem companies face is maintaining links over ever growing web sites. SSW Link Auditor is a simple and powerful solution to the problem. This fast and effective utility keeps your website up to date, and helps to resolve intricate linking and referencing issues. An added benefit you get is an increase in Google Page Rank for your pages.
 Built in C#, SSW Link Auditor lets you take control of your website and automatically locate broken links, allowing you to focus on the content of your website.
As an example, SSW has 166,000 links and 1,500 pages to maintain. SSW  Link Auditor is a simple and powerful solution to our problem.

How to install and use 

     1. Install AllSubmitter
     2. First, you have to launch the programm, once a time!
     3. Then, use this keygen to activate the software.
     4. Have fun ;)         

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