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Lock My PC + Patch (Professional PC locker)

lock my pc

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Lock My PC
price: US$39.95

What's new in Lock My PC


+ Added feature 
* Improved/changed feature 
- Bug fixed (we hope) 

Version 4.9

+ Lock autoplay added
* Shutdown button in XP startup lock shuts down the computer in a second.
* Improved Windows 7 compatibility.
- Fixed bug with "orphan" task button.
- Other minor bugs fixed.

Version 4.8

+ Support of alternative authentication packages.
+ Option to log unlock attempts.
+ Alternative keyboard lock (for VNC or terminal services).
+ Additional command line parameters.
+ Option to minimize top-most windows when locked.
* Hide Lock My PC process removed due to compatibility with different antiviruses.
- Fixed user password reset problem when user name matches computer name.
- On some Windows XP systems Shutdown button at startup lock may work incorrectly. Fixed
- High CPU load on lock screen. Fixed.
- User cannot change their settings might work incorrectly. Fixed.
- Other minor bugs fixed.

Version 4.7

- Fixed a security flaw that allowed to unblock USB keyboard at startup lock
- Fixed a lot of minor bugs

Version 4.6

- Fixed bug with incorrect startup lock on Windows XP
- Fixed bug which didn't allow to change the password on Windows Vista

Version 4.5
+ New option "Lock computer after system Stands By/Hibernates" added
* Improved Windows Vista and Vista x64 compatibility
- Minor bugs fixed.

Version 4.4

* Improved idle detection method (no keyboard hooks anymore).
* Improved screen lock to avoid conflicts with some popup windows.
- Fixed compatibility issues with WhiteCanyon software products.
- Minor bugs fixed.

Version 4.3

+ Windows Vista compatibility

Version 4.2

+ New options (power off when computer is idle) added
- Minor bugs fixed

Version 4.1

+ Added Windows domain authentication
- Incomplete unlock issue fixed
- Some antispyware programs mistakenly recognized Lock My PC as malware! Fixed

Version 4.0

+ Now Lock My PC can be installed in single-user or in multi-user mode
+ You can safely lock your computer at startup before the logon screen and even in safe mode!
+ Password hint added
* Password logic was changed
* Administrative area options are moved to the program settings and available only for Lock My PC administrator
* Lock My PC options are rearranged
- Windows 9x support is discontinued

Version 3.6

+ Blind password option added
* Transparent lock screen works better then before
* Administrative area can be opened from Lock My PC tray menu
* Improved interaction between Lock My PC and a screen saver
- Minor bugs fixed

Version 3.5.6

+ Windows XP x64 support

Version 3.5

+ Automatic and manual update search features added
+ Bug reporting feature added 
+ New options added (Updates, Lock Screen image effects)
- Some minor bugs fixed

Version 3.4
- A lot of minor bugs fixed

Version 3.3

- Minor bugs fixed
+ Image cycling feature added (see Image Sequence List topic in Help)

Version 3.2.1

- Minor bugs fixed

Version 3.2

+ Now it is possible to switch between input languages when entering unlock password
* Improved locking mechanism
- Fixed some bugs in multimonitor support
- Fixed autostart problem on Windows 98, ME

Version 3.1
+ Added an option that prevents the computer from being run in Safe Mode (Windows 98/ME)
* Improved user interface
- Minor bugs fixed

Version 3.0
+ New improved user interface
+ Lock CD-doors command added
+ Lock CD-Rom drives when computer is locked option added
+ New command line parameters added (See lockpc.exe /? for details)
* Imporved locking behavior
- Some minor bugs fixed

Version 2.4

+ "Lock Now" command line option added. Usage: lockpc.exe /lock
+ New Administrative Area options added
* Some bugs in multimonitor support fixed

Version 2.3

+ Lock sceen trasparency options added
+ Support of animated GIF images in lock screen added

Version 2.2

+ Lock My PC can automatically locks computer when it is idle
* Rewrote Win2K/WinXP keyboard lock engine from scratch
* Compatibility with hibernate and sleep functions on Windows 2000/XP
- Some minor bugs fixed

Version 2.1

+ Enter Settings by password option added
- Some minor bugs fixed.

Version 2.0

 + Windows 2000 and XP support (we are using own lock engine) 
 + Administartive area added (See Help for details)
 + Multiuser support
 + Multimonitor support
 + If a screen locked at the startup Shutdown button is available
 - Fixed a bug with incorrect lock screen behaviour when on-top window popups

Version 1.5 

 + Setup supply 4 lock screen logos.
 * Lock screens can be in JPEG or GIF format as well as in BMP format.

Version 1.4 

 + Lock screen options added.

Version 1.3 

 - Very serious bug fixed. In some cases Lock My PC couldn't unlock computer.

Version 1.27

 - Some minor bugs fixed.

Version 1.25

 + Unlock dialog disapears after some time period if you don't enter the password.
 - Some internal bugs fixed.

Version 1.2

 + Lock computer at startup option added.

Version 1.1

 * Some interface improvement.
 - Minor bugs fixed 

Version 1.0 

The first public release.

 PC locker

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